matthew 2007 March 1


A very interesting interview, sounds like a very nice and thoughtful baker. Was it just my equipment or are there a handful of instances early in the interview where the audio repeats?

Keep up the good work, it's fascinating to hear bakers from around the world (ok mainly around the US) talking about their profession.


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Skua 2007 May 15

Dear Jeremy,

in Germany we have a forum about all kind of baking including commercially yeasted things led by a professional baker with a master degree.

Forum users are highly interested in your interviews. There are well-known names on your download list. And some of these people are vigorously discussed. Some techniques in making sourdough, kneading, shaping seems to be just unbelievable in certain ears.

Well, most people are able to read English; another thing is to listen to native speakers. Do you intend to publish your interviews in another way? Maybe a book with pictures? Or are we allowed to copy passages from your talks, and to show them in our forum, maybe translated in German? Dieter, our master baker, is very concerned that your rights could be hurt. You got a PM.


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Jeremy 2007 May 15

NOt so sure regarding the copyrights! We will check out with producer/partner, feel free to listen and discuss, I tried to register for Dieters site, my German is so bad since I was only born there and left Europe quite young, though my Father lived in Allgåu for many years, he was an artist!
I do have some plans or ideas for a book or books, will discuss it with my sister in Switzerland this summer!
Where are you in Germany again? I used to live in Stuttgart while I was stationed in the army.

Say halo to Dieter and the gang for me!

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Skua 2007 May 15

Hi Jeremy,

these are really good news! And we are proud to see you as new member in our community. I live in Kaiserslautern in the south western part of Germany, not too far from Stuttgart and just a few miles away from France.
All right, I will respect your copyrights in the future and won’t publish parts of it myself any longer


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