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Today or should I say last nights bake was a calculator I found from the pages of Mike Avery for a 3 stage levain
http://www.sourdoughhome.com/privacypolicy.html. I haven't tasted the bread yet but it has a deep smell that seems very satisfying. I hope to sink my teeth into this loaf when it has cooled and will indulge with some cheese or wine perhaps?

All baking is good baking!

Say aye to Micks Bethesda meeting!

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aaronmfabun 2007 January 29

looks real nice...

nice bloom...

mike is an active member of the BBGA and helped me out with a 9 Grain recipe recently...

should taste good!

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Jeremy 2007 January 29

Thanks all! I did have it this morning with some Brillo cheese from Italy(wine cheese) and some apricot marmalade! Tasted great. My sister-inlaw got the other half of the loaf and her husband ate virtually all of it!
I am working on a Tabatiere loaf and two Ciabattine de semola (semolina ciabatta)will snap when I get a minute, making a dinner and a dessert!


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northwestsourdough 2007 January 30

Great looking bread Jeremy! Looks like a multiple stage that you ferment overnight with a little bit of rye or whole wheat included?That reddish color and deep smell of wheat comes from either an overnight/with some whole grain added or a motherdough. No bread smells as good in my opinion!

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