The black hand strikes.

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Hi folks, op was a success. Both hands are black from bruising, but they work. Painfull if I use too much grip, but I can still hold a beer.
Bandages come off tomorrow and the waterproof dressings in about 5 days.
Should be back baking in no more than 3 weeks.

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bethesdabakers 2007 January 20

Dear Bill,

That was what was really keeping me awake at nights - would the boy be able to hold a beer? I knew you would find a way.

Speedy recovery.

Best wishes,


Latest Fad 2007 January 20

I knew that nothing would stop a baker as good as you - I wish you well for a continued recovery. Does this mean that we all have to bake harder and more over the next three weeks to keep up the sourdough ratio to people in the world seeing as you produce so many wonderful loaves? Hope you have a standby frozen lot. Best wishes. Latest Fad.

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Jeremy 2007 January 20

Sounds like your in good shape, I'll send a guinea pig for you to roast!

Your coming to Bethesda to knock back some pints and some gases from some bread, no?
Get well and I am sorry but pics of hands would be a tad scary for me I am squeemish about blood and guts!

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