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Hey everyone, I've been lurking around here a while and finally decided to join.

I'm in the U.S., California to be exact. I'm still in high school and am planning on attending culinary school when I graduate. I started out cooking, but decided that it wasn't for me and then fell in love with bread baking.

I've just recently been getting into naturaly leavened breads and currently have 2 starters going, a white and whole wheat. I can't wait to start baking with them, but I'm pretty sure it won't be until next week since I started them the EXACT day that a cold storm came through haha.

Well, just thought I'd introduce myself and hope to get some great ideas and information here.

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Jeremy 2007 January 19

Welcome fellow American! Hope you can get some good pointers from the vets here, any questions just ask!


Latest Fad 2007 January 19

Hi, I lurk around this forum and recently have written a bit, there's heaps you can learn on here, particularly if you go to Sourdom's tutorials (admittedly you will have to convert metric to your stuff). I've been "doing sourdough" since last March but backed off over winter - everything is easier in the summer. When I began I was only able to find US sourdough forums and I started my starter from one of those forums - so my starter is ten months old and I am so proud I've kept it alive so long. Perhaps my starter is the best thing I do Anyway, good luck with your attempts. Latest Fad

jbaez13 2007 January 19

Thanks guys, I'll make sure to post some pictures of my first loaves from my starters as soon as they're ready to bake with.

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Pab 2007 January 20

Welcome, Jacob, from the UK. This is a very international site.

I believe that the more everyone posts, the more we all learn - success or failure is interesting and educational.

Best wishes


Latest Fad 2007 January 20

[img][/img] I don't believe it - I can keep a starter alive AND post a picture on the forum. Will anything stop me now? This would not have happened without TP's kind help.

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TeckPoh 2007 January 20

lol, LF! Congrats! Your loaves are fantastic....but I don't want to have to peer through magnifying glass. You have to do one more step. Click on your little picture for the bigger one. Use that url.

Edit: Visited your gallery. have some incredible crumb shots there. But your pix are all so teeeeny tiny. Go ahead and upload bigger sized pix. I think you're allowed up to a width of around 700px or so. Maximise!!

jbaez13 2007 January 20

Nice crumb shots LatestFad , looks like you beat me to it! hahaha, actually, I'm waiting for my culture to get a little more active, the cold weather has really been slowing it down.

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