Barm and rye

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Spent the weekend lounging and baking! Was inspired to finally try Nancy Silvertons Izzy's rye as well as Dan Lepards Barm ale and potato

I had made the ale bread the day before with a mix of flours, barley,rye, whole wheat and white.I added in some wheat berries that were soaked in guinness stout too.Besides that I did Jeffrey Hamelmans Levain that we did at the class I took there last year, came out great and we brought it to the local gastro-pub for dinner, which my friend Tim the owner gladly sliced up and served us, sorry no pics just some crumbs! That is why I offer these three loaves for your eyes only!
Dans potatoe&ale barm bread
Izzy's NY rye!

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Pab 2007 January 16

Nice bake, Jeremy.

NY has the gastro pub too? One of the better meals out I've had in the UK (apart from the Asians) was in one, by the way. At restaurant prices mind!


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