sourdough toast


Am I doing some thing wrong, does all sour dough make crappy toast,
it just doesn't brown, I guess it's due to the lack of sugar in the
dough. Or is there another reason...
Gerry (husband) eats the slice when it come from the toaster, but the only brown on it is the peanut butter he spreads over it, "protein fix".

Help,,,,,,, thanks, qahtan

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Bill44 2006 March 17

Due to the size of sourdough slices I do mine under the "griller".
I feel that sourdough makes the best toast I have ever eaten, both in taste and texture.
Try toasting it a bit longer as sourdough tends to be a bit moister than shop bought "cotton wool".

SourDom 2006 March 17


the other thing that will make loaves brown faster is the content of sugar.
Try adding a little diastatic malt, or dried ground malt to your dough.

I use 1 tblsp dried ground malt to 500g flour
There is a good description of how to home malt barley in The Handmade Loaf


qahtan 2006 March 18

Thanks Dom, I think I will try a little malt in the dough. I have some light malt here......
White toast is not the greatest, some how it just isn't right, :-))))

Loafer 2017 October 13

My wifes complaining about the toast not browning ,I was thinking it was from lack of sugars.

I will try and find some malt

Its wierd that other sourdoughs I have bought toast but not my ones???

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