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After deleting 14 spam posts this morning I left the 15th for you to read.

Is there anything Maedi we can do to stop this?
Two thirds of our members are now spammers - not a good look I think!

morning edit: just deleted 5 more!
lunchtime edit: deleted about 30 again!

239 users have voted.


Croc 2007 January 1

there is so many anti-spam-bot mods for phpbb why not install couple protections like this ?

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carla 2007 January 2

there is so many anti-spam-bot mods for phpbb why not install couple protections like this ?

... And prevent them from registering. We now have nearly 600 members of whom only 170 are "real members", the rest are spammers.

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Jeremy 2006 December 24

Join the spam whackers club, Maedi we need something a sort of better whacker or someway to keep these guy's off, I send them nasty pm's, I have a feeling they are automated though, did we get the 3rd edition of PH-whatever you call it?

Hey happy holiday's and Carla I feel your pain, while at work I was whacking them while doing paper work!
Hey guy's Im in the Pacific!


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Maedi 2006 December 24

Thanks for helping Carla, Jeremy and Teck Poh. It does become a pain.

Unfortunately there have never been any quick measures to terminate spam, but I think I've found one.

I've changed the registration process. All new users must be approved by me, so now I'm just getting spam registration-notifications in my inbox..a good trade off. Of course, people will not be able to sign up to the forum immediately... but no more spam!

Until I am able to uprgrade the board to phpBB 3, we will still have registered spam users. They will be inactive and unable to post. It takes me around 15 seconds to delete a single user. Here I go....

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Jeremy 2006 December 24

Good work Maedi! It's been torture and I hate to swear gets me into trouble with some folks, they think I have a sailors vocabulary! I meant to say the Phpbb 3 sounds so medical? When is that going to happen? I was going to say a screening process for signing up too, just I am speaking English and Spanish at the moment!

Ta and Happy Holidays to all!

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Maedi 2006 December 24

I know phpBB3 sounds like some mystical cure. And it is. We're now on a recent version of phpBB2, and it doesn't seem to be designed with spam in mind. So the burning hope is phpBB3. They are up to beta4, I don't know when the stable version will be out. I'd upgrade to [url=]phpBB3 beta4[/url] today, but it is unsupported and not recommended for a live environment.

I know it's silly to wait for something so unpredictable, but I see it as the only safe path.

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TeckPoh 2006 December 24

No worries, mate. What are you doing here? No baking to do?

Happy Merry-making with your loved ones! A Joyous Christmas and a Happy healthy New Year to All!

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carla 2006 December 24

Ah - I am relieved to hear that they cannot just sign up anymore. This afternoon I was online as 2 new ones seemed to have just come on and they both kept putting stuff on and I kept taking it off. After half an hour I gave up and went and had a nap!

Christmas Eve has come and gone for us. 10pm here now, so I head for bed. have a nice Xmas holiday all and I am sure we will see each other again before the New Year!

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Maedi 2006 December 25

I don't know. It's just email to me. Point me to their site if you wish. My service provider is [url=]TPG[/url].

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