French berry rolls

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Having just pulled a muscle in my back and undoubtedly in my brain I decided to make some rolls with dried berries from the metropolitan bakery book in Phillie (Philadelphia) wasn't too sure since the dough seemed dry but the whole thing worked out ok!
Kika my cat had a sniff and although she isn't a sweet tooth approved as well

Happy baking all, if I don't say goodbye to you all and wish you a happy holiday well I do, off to Ecuadorian highlands and coast for nine day's to rest me weary bones, will post indigenous food posts and maybe a snap of me smoking a fine Cuban cigar by the pool!


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TeckPoh 2006 December 18

Great loaves and pix, especially the one with Kika.

Have a good break (ouch! your back sounds painful) and would love to see a pannetone from you (again) when you get back.

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Jeremy 2006 December 18

Thanks Maedi,
just five more day's of Christmas parties at work and off we go next saturday morning!
Thanks, kats are kool!


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SourYumMum 2006 December 18

I wanna see photos and hear stories about Ecuador!!!

Make sure you enjoy yourself, eat lots, drink lots, take lots of photos ... and share it all with us when you get back!

Carol xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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carla 2006 December 18

Have a nice holiday jeremy. and we hope you come back with lots of recipes from the local community there. Will fatten the guniea pigs in anticipation

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