Bread yarns in today's New York Times

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Hi all,

Some nice reading in today's paper:



TP ... this is the bakery that makes THAT awesome chocolate thingy!


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SourDom 2006 November 10

In this 'slow news week' (at least in terms of I have been browsing elsewhere. The NY Times article has also led to some discussion on [url=]Dan Lepard's forum[/url] and [url=]EGullet[/url].

There is some talk on EGullet about how to adapt this technique to sourdough. I am not sure how to prevent the dough from overproving if the ambient temperature were warm. But perhaps if you started with a smaller proportion of starter than normal, and mixed in cold water, it would be OK. (I have certainly proved overnight in colder weather with some success, but at this time of year I would be more nervous).


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Pab 2006 November 11

I am always pleased to read bread recipes from the USA as they are usually interesting and sent by delightful and well meaning people... but my delight in their recent election results is almost too big to describe. As for the British collusion with this now near fallen regime, disgrace is not strong enough a word to describe it.
I won't post my pics of my attempts at the New York Times recipe here as they are on the above link.

Best wishes


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TeckPoh 2006 November 11

The breads look wonderful, Pab...pleasingly plump. I don't think I'll try the method because:

a) Don't have the right pot. I fear the knobs will melt before my very eyes in the oven??

b) Sounds like something which will heighten my chances of getting burnt fingers and hands.

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Pab 2006 November 11


The recipe is an undoubted asset to the repertoire - very simple and not temperamental. They don't have the flavour that I am looking for as such but are a good not too strongly flavoured dinner accompanier.

I am about to start a sourdough and will cook it in the pot tonight. I think this method will have a good effect on the crust - I will let you know. The cooking method is actually easy, I only burnt myself once yesterday!

Someone else thought that the knobs would melt, but they were in a 250° oven for 90 minutes and were fine. Le Creuset pans are very tough but these days cost a lot - the big one I have was bought in France years ago when they were not that expensive there. In all honesty, the type of cooking I do these days uses them less and less. This bread cooking technique might give them a new use.

Actually, this new recipe has detracted me from baguette making so I must get on and make some to photo and post (and eat!).

Best wishes


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