Bio dynamic Wheat Flour

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I am based in Malaysia, where I bake mostly Organic Breads for local consumption.

I used to use Wheat from Kialla, but recently have changed to a Demeter Wheat, also from Australia. The new wheat is slighter softer and, to us, a better taste.

We grind the Wheat in our stone mill just prior to mixing.

Unfortunately the sack says nothing about the product at all. Protein content etc.

Does anyone on this list know anything about:

Biodynamic Marketing P.O. Powelltown, Vic
Tel: 03 5966 7370

I believe that most users of this wheat in Malaysia use it for Sprouting/Juicing.


Martin Prior

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TeckPoh 2006 November 8

Hallo Martin! Nice to see you here. Welcome!

It's so difficult these days to look for bread flours. I find that most organic shops don't seem to carry them. And, if they do, there's no info on its protein level, as you also found. Only reliable source I can find is via Too bad you're not located near enough for me to get from you.

I've been trying my darnedest to look for unhulled barley to make malt. Just when I thought I found it - again, via good4u - they bring me pearl barley instead. Hrrmph! Jack pointed me [url=]here[/url] but I don't think they sell in small amounts.

Sorry...needed to vent.

I'm so happy to see your breads doing well and increasing in variety. Pls send my regards to Mardia. Did you have any luck finding the lifters?

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martin_prior 2007 January 17

Sorry TP,

I have not been on here for some time, what with the net down over xmas and Taiwan cable problems.

Yes I did get the lefters, thankyou.

Country Farm Organics Bangsar/One Utama have unhulled Barley, they also have/had Barley Flour from Guistos (horrendous price). I guess you found Barley somewhere I see in another post you are using your home made malt.

The oven is coming along, Hearth Slab down, firebricks next week. We have given up on the terracotta baking dishes, the potter does not seem too reliable.

We should be having a first firing party when the oven is ready. Probably pizza. You are welcome to come along if you like.

Take care,


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TeckPoh 2007 January 17

Yep...I think you have covered all outstanding matters.

I've been having connection problems too. I filled in an online complaint form at Streamyx, and just got notification that they will give me a rebate of RM85 for the inconvenience and stress.

The unhulled barleyI got through Calwinn/Good4u, and have made a jar enough for half a year at least.

Would be thrilled to witness the breaking in of your oven and taking pix (new hobby). Thank you! What can I bring? I'm all fired up about having one too, what with Matthew posting about the beginnings of his.


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