Tins/moulds for Panettone or Pandoro?


It is getting towards the end of the year, and I thought that I would have a go at Jack's sourdough Panettone (if I can find the link again).
There is also a great looking (but complicated recipe for a star-shaped Italian Christmas cake called Pandoro (in Maggie Glezer's 'Artisan baking')).

Anyone know where to get suitable tins for Panettone or Pandoro in Melbourne?

I know that you can use a baking paper collar, and will resort to that if I can't find anything else.


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SourDom 2006 October 31

ooh, just found this

[url=http://www.epicurious.com.au/paper-cake-moulds-epicurious-listing2-85.html]paper moulds[/url] on a western Australian website

sounds like a very economical way of doing it, given that I am only going to bake one or two cakes a year

anyone used these?

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Jeremy 2006 November 1

You know Dom I made that one Mick had posted on Dans site and actually fooled a bit with the amount of flour, came out fabulicious, dunno if Jacks uses a food processor? I have a formula I could send you as well if you like?


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