I uploaded some of my sourdough breads...

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(Well I mean pics of the bread,sorry I can't figure out how to upload the real thing!)In the personal albums in the Gallery, I posted some of my sourdough breads in the album named "northwestsourdough". I figured out how to upload the pics but I'm a bit fuddled on how to make comments. So I guess they will have to be self explanatory for now! These are a few of the loaves I have been experimenting with using my starter that I am so pleased with! I bake about three times a week or just about every other day, so I get to do a lot of experimenting! Thanks for having this great forum, I am really enjoying everyone's comments and help.

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Graham 2006 February 11

Hi northwestsourdough

It is good to see another user join the personal gallery area.

To put captions under your images, simply go to you gallery [url]http://www.sourdough.com.au/gallery/v/user/northwestsourdough/[/url]
and click on the "Edit Captions" link on the left hand side. You will only see this link if you are logged in and your permissions allow you to. If you can not log in our need to change permissions, please let me know. We would like to see captions on images from everry user...which is why I am posting a public reply, as everyone needs this information.


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