Challah, is it pronounced like Carla?

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6-Braid Sourdough Challah with Poppy Seeds and Sesame Seeds. Don't ask me how it tastes yet...will only be eating it on Sunday.


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carla 2006 September 20

so, how does it taste

Don't ask me how it tastes yet...will only be eating it on Sunday.

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bianchifan 2006 September 20

Another question, what is challah? Plait or pigtailed bread?
I've seen your chocolatechallah some weeks ago, it was a plait also.

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TeckPoh 2006 September 20

[url=]Challah explained[/url]...and from googling, I just found out it's pronounced hah lah. Rosh Hashanah, Jewish new year, falls on this Saturday. Challah made for this is usually round to symbolize the years going round and round. If you care to find out, there are even more reasons for making 6 braids. I love love love braided pretty, yah? My chocolate one was made from 3 braids.

BTW, to get into the've just also made a Honey Cake...yummmmmmm....for a sweet new year. One has to tidy up the cake by cutting away all those messy edges....yummmmmm....

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TeckPoh 2006 September 25

L' Shanah Tovah! Last day today, ain't it?

Reporting on the crumb. I refreshed it straight from the freezer in a foil tent for half an hour in a 180 C oven. At least a dozen people came to tell me that they loved it till I ; the crust was very crispy, the crumb was soft, moist and tasty. Delish!


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