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I know you're out there because you are logged on. Obviously no one has been baking.
well I just spent the last 10 minutes wrestling with 3Kg of dough and have sat down for a rest.
Carol, if you can hear me, I was at Bibina yesterday and if you use olive oil they are the cheapest around. Moro Extra Virgin Olive Oil in 2L bottles for $19.95, Coles want $29.75 for it, I picked up 4 bottles plus a heap of other stuff including 10Kg of rye flour. Drove out of there with the floor of the boot covered for $124.00. At Coles the oil alone would have cost me $119.00.

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SourYumMum 2006 August 22

Hi Bill,

I've been a bit off for the last couple of weeks ... labyrinthitis or vestibular neuritis or some such thing. Truly horrid and culminated in a brain CT yesterday to rule out anything nasty. You will no doubt be pleased to hear that I HAVE a brain! But not well enough to bake or do much at all really.

Went to Bibina this afternoon!!! I do a considerable amount of my 'grocery' shopping in there. I meant to remember to ask you if you had tried one of the flours in there ... can't remember the brand ... "hard" flour, 12% protein, says on the bag (for making Italian breads, etc). I guess you need more information ... next time I go in I will have another look. It was just to the right of where the rye is. 10kg bags for about $11 or something. I like the Moro olive oil so I will go back on payday and do another little shop!

Today was just a quick hit and run for some Japanese groceries for tonight's dinner. They are slowly improving their Asian grocery line. Not great yet, but certainly much better. Still have to go to the grocer in Hunter Street for bao and all that sort of thing.

I hope to be a more fervent contributor soon!!!


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TeckPoh 2006 August 22

No no no....you take it easy, dearie. Gosh, Bill, you 2! First I had eye infection (so did Carol's hubby), then my youngest had an ear infection...Bill too! Gosh...these things spread online too! Be well, people!

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