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can we have this fixed? i lost count today how many email notifications i got today

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Croc 2006 August 17

yes forums and blog need more protection
next thing we will see is porn in gallery (don't mind that one )

Croc 2006 August 17

All Maedi has to do is delete him and block his access.

that wont do much

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TeckPoh 2006 August 17

I had the most obnoxious spammer by the name of John Smit Jr, bugging me the whole I submitted Smit as a keyword to block his spam. Worked. Now the rest are not so bad...comes in a trickle.

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Maedi 2006 August 17

Thank you all for such kind words.

I'm sorry that at the bottom of the forum you occasionally see spam users. We get about 2 a day, and every day I delete them.

Spam in the blogs. That's a problem...

So I just installed something into the blogs that should stop these nasty letters reaching your homes. Let me know how it goes, as it may not be working correctly, or it may start eating your comments.

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Maedi 2006 August 18

Thought I'd mention an additional theme at the blogs called Quentin. You can see it in action at [url=]my blog[/url]. Let me know if you folks have any probs.

Croc 2006 August 18

Let me know if you folks have any probs.

yup we do
the scroll bar

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