Can I put my sourdough bread in the freezer


um.. a silly question probably- I'm just not sure if I can
How long will it keep in the freezer and are there any special "unfreezing" processes I have to follow

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Bill44 2006 August 15

um.. a silly question probably- I'm just not sure if I can
How long will it keep in the freezer and are there any special "unfreezing" processes I have to follow
Not a silly question at all. I usually bake three loaves at a time and there are only two mouths to feed so I am constantly freezing and thawing bread. There are enzymes in sourdough bread that will let you freeze and refresh a loaf once only.

To freeze your loaves, first place in a plastic bag and remove as much air as you can before sealing the bag with a knot, then place this bag inside another bag, preferably one of the heavy re-sealable type freezer bags.

To thaw, take the loaf straight from the freezer and, unbag it of course, place it in the microwave for 5 minutes on medium, then 2 minutes on high. Then put the loaf in a pre-heated 150C oven for 5-7 minutes to re-crisp the crust. Instant fresh from the oven bread that can be cut after about 5 minutes cooling.

Guaranteed method, I do it about every second day.

matthew 2006 August 16

I normally slice mine first. Then pop into a plastic bag and put in the freezer. Then I take out as many slices as I need. I'll make a sandwhich with frozen slices in the morning, wrap in plastic wrap and by lunch they've thawed and ready to eat. Probably not as fresh as Bill's method, but a good way to only use what you need each day.

My other favourite is to pop a frozen slice in the toaster and lightly toast it! Very yummy!


claudia price 2017 April 5

thank you very much, very helpful, will definitely give this a try... me too, i make 3 loaves at a time, but gave at least 1 away every that i know how to freeze and thaw, that person might not be so lucky anymore with getting fresh bread all the time..:)  lol

Rachel Melrose 2010 November 9


Its Tuesday and I am making bread for a wedding on in five days time - Saturday.

Since I only have one oven I wanted to bake bread each day and freeze it to thaw and slightly warm up in the oven on the day of the wedding so I can make more than a couple of loaves. I want to make a few sourdough, some baguettes and some ciabatta. I will also make foccacia early on the wedding morning - the wedding is at 2pm.


Will plain white sourdough (500g) loaves freeze okay? How exactly should I thaw them? I really dont want to use a microwave - I dont have one.

Will the second baking to re-crisp them make the crusts dry out? Should I spray with water?

I just dont want anything to go wrong since its for a wedding.



lily 2010 November 9

Hi Rachel,

If you are unsure of what your bread will do and you have some spares try it out tomorrow with some you've already frozen.  If you can, try one with a spritz of water and one as is.  It's really a matter of preference and don't forget you're the one most sensitive to how it turns out.  The bread consumers will be amazed at your industry and the deep mysterious flavour of your bread.

The sourdough white bread I make of various sizes defrosts on the bench top in the morning and I crackle it up in a moderate oven for quite a short time (190 deg C for 5-10 mins maybe?).  It turns out crustier than when baked fresh so I would transport the bread to the wedding under a clean cotton cloth to keep it clean and stop it from drying out too much.  But I wouldn't worry about times and temps too much as sourdough is a bread that just wants to be eaten and will accept variations with impunity!

lily 2010 November 9

I just had a very quick peek at your site and YAARM, I'm going to pop that 12 hour lamb in the cooling wood oven and see if I can reproduce that delicious looking meal!!

Sorry to change the subject...

Michael Spiegler 2019 July 26

We buy sourdough bread that has come to the supermarket frozen and they defrost it. Can the bread now be refrozen?

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