A Break From Normal.

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Decided to get out of the rut and do something different, also mangle a few rules while I was at it.
The photos are of a 1400g Raisin, Walnut, and Honey loaf. It's my recipe, which on request I will post in the Recipe section.

Its a little bit radical in that it uses all 10% protein plain white flour, with a little bit of wholemeal thrown in for extra flavour, the liquid, apart from the starter, is all full cream milk, it has an egg in it, and it did its first proof with 1 1/2 tsp of mixed spice in it. The raisins and walnuts were kneaded in after the first proof.

It's a heavy loaf that is to die for eaten fresh, and it should be worth killing for as toast. Even SWMBO loves it, and she won't eat shop bought raisin loaf.


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TeckPoh 2006 July 24

Looks delicious, Bill! I've been doing the adding of egg and milk to my breads too. That seems to give me soft crumb, but you said this is a heavy loaf? Did you mean the weight of the loaf or the crumb?

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Bill44 2006 July 24

Hi TP, it's the loaf that is heavy. Its not any bigger than a 1Kg loaf but with a moist crumb and the fruit and nuts, it feels like lead.

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SourYumMum 2006 July 24

Oh ... yummy ... I love raisin bread ... I think I'd love THAT raisin bread!

Post your recipe, Bill!!!!


Normbake 2006 July 25

Wow that likes very nice Bill
I like raisin toast I bet yours is much nicer that the store bought loaf.
yeah break the rules adds more excitment...

I made a pumpkin loaf on the weekend and added spinach which made it really moist was very nice. I will be making that again.

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TeckPoh 2006 July 25

(Carrying on side-conversation with Normbake, the rest may eavesdrop if they are interested)...

Excuse me, Normbake, spinach in a pumpkin loaf? I'm very interested as I just made a couple of [url=http://titch.sourdough.net.au/]pumpkin twins[/url] yesterday, and I think it's a good combination. How do you process the spinach? I'm guessing, you cook it, squeeze dry, then chop up? TIA!

Normbake 2006 July 26

Hi TP the spinach was a 200gram frozen packet of chopped spinach I let it defrost then added it to my dough. The 200 grams was a bit too much I thought
The pumpkin was a butternut I had baked in the oven the day before.
I used a tin for the bread because I made the dough really slack like a cake batter. I will make it again maybe this weekend.
I knew I should have taken a picture because the mother in law was interested.

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