making a clay oven


Does anybody have any experience of making an oven out of potter's clay? I have a bag of it and want to try making one (a small dome with a loaf-sized opening? - a bit like a bird's nesting box? Your guess is as good as mine! I want to try cooking my sourdough loaf by woodfiring for maximum flavour! Many thanks, Crystal

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bethesdabakers 2006 July 20

Plus GavinC's recent thread on Dan's site: [url][/url]

Kiko's book is really good.


KazaKhan®© 2006 July 20

I'll get around to building one myself eventually and have found [url][/url] to be full of information...

crystal 2006 July 21

Thank you so much Gary, Matthew, Mick, BB and KK - I'm going to follow up these links straightaway - and let you know my own results of course, when I achieve it -- best wishes, Crystal

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