World cup bake off!

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Yes France lost, I won't speak of it anymore instead I will leave some images of both Italian and French loaves!

Rosemary Olive oil!

Pain au levain

Fortunately I don't believe in nationalism or too many other organized things except maybe the bread forums I participate in!

Vive le Bleu!


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bethesdabakers 2006 July 10

Hello Jeremy,

I was a busy boy too (and I wasn't watching the "beautiful game")


Russian Rye, Bethesdabakers Sourdough, Normandy Cider Rye.

Not up to your high standards but then I've only got a toy oven.


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TeckPoh 2006 July 10

Guys, guys, I just love your loaves (especially the python-baguette!). Beautiful! I think we should all dedicate this week's breads to Bill, who's turning (or has just turned?) 62. "To a Year of Great Get It Right the First Time Breads and Many More.......!"

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Bill44 2006 July 10

Magnificent, the pair of you. Mick persevering with a toy oven, Jeremy battling the anti-flour other half.

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Jeremy 2006 July 10

Hi Bill,
Well it was a game that really made me depressed, so I made that Semolina look like a viper!(Fortunatley I have Italian and French blood running through me, as well as Basque, and oh yes Belarus...etc.) Actually the loaf slipped a bit irregularly off my peel!
I see Mick sent you that cider recipe too!(I have a private message following!)
As for my standards, well you don't have to worry, I'm not worthy!

Happy B'day by the way!


nina 2006 July 11

Yes, that game was quite depressing, wasn't it?
I usually never watch football, but thought this would be a fun game to watch...

Great looking breads! I really shouldn't read this forum when I'm hungry

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