Yes Bill, I have looked at your profile

I repotted my chinese juniper last weekend, so what has been happeneing in your bonsai garden of late?

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Bill44 2006 July 3

Sorry mate, I saw your post and meant to reply but I obviously had a "senior moment" and forgot.
Being winter there is not much activity and some activity will not be expected for about another 5 weeks when the deciduous varieties should begin to bud.
The last thing before winter was the rescue and revival of a classic fig that a friend bought at a garage sale from a deceased estate.
She picked it up for $10.00 and the pot alone would be worth $100.00+. The fig has a magnificent shape and would be many years old. It was literaly on deaths door when I got hold of it, 99% dehydrated including the roots, but being the hardy things figs are, 3 weeks of TLC had it showing signs of life. It now has a healthy growth and I only lost one major branch so all is well.



forno 2006 July 3



Mr "Bill" Miagi

"wax on wax off'

That is one impressive set up Bill

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donyeokl 2006 July 3


You have lions looking after your Bonsai's... Nice looking stuff for your little wonders...


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Bill44 2006 July 3

They look like lions but are actually Buddhist Temple Dogs.

Named "Chi" and "Wa", same meaning in two different languages.

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