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Some levain that I baked this morning after a lull in the fridge, good taste and was inspired by the cam starters mixed flours so went ahead and made a recipe from school which I re-tooled the percentages of the starter!

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TeckPoh 2006 May 25

Ooooo....tks for posting these shots...really a SHOT for me. Even if I don't bake bread myself, I [i]need[/i] to look at others.

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Bill44 2006 May 25

Jeremy, we have come to expect excellence from you, and you haven't let us down.
Good looking loaf and the lopsided gringe is almost like a leer.

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northwestsourdough 2006 May 25

Jeremy!! That is one terrific looking loaf! I would be happy if I baked a loaf that looked that great! The crust is perfect with a perfect grin to your slash, and the crumb looks open, holey and very tasty! You must have been pretty pround to see that come out of the oven!
Great baking!

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