Super Sour!!!

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Won't post any pics, you've all seen my loaves before.
Just finished baking 3 loaves of a recipe from NW Sourdough called "Two Night Super Sour". There's not as much work in it as you might think when you hear that it takes about 38 hours from start to finish.
Super sour is a good name for it, my wife and I tried a slice about 45 minutes ago and the sour taste is still in my mouth, very pleasant flavour indeed but be sure you like [b][i]SOUR[/i][/b] before you do this recipe. [/i]

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northwestsourdough 2006 May 16

Thanks Bill,
I hope youre up to more sour the next day, as it usually gets more sour by the next day! I made this recipe for those addicted to SOUR!

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