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It has been very interesting and heartening for me, and I'm sure Graham, to watch this forum grow.
You could relate it to a sourdough starter. Very little activity in the early stages, through some moderate slow activity, and now full bubbling activity.

As with baking bread, there will be some hiccups along the way, so I just hope that as they do occur people will stop and think for a minute, just as you would before you try your next loaf.

I hope you people are enjoying this forum as much as I am.

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donyeokl 2006 April 28

Hi Bill,

I agree with you with regards to this forum albeit some nonsensical issues and what not. I must say that I have learn a lot from this forum and there are great guys out there who are willing to share their experiences and knowledge. Keep it goingggg Graham...



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TeckPoh 2006 June 26

Hey, are so incredibly matured and sensible for a young teen that if I don't book you for my eldest girl (she's 12 this year), I'm not a good mother.

[size=9]I hope you're not spoken for?[/size]

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TeckPoh 2006 April 28

LOL, Bill. You've got the analogy spot on! At this stage, the forum feels so alive and bubbly, much thanks to:

Graham who's full of ideas - what super-active culture do you think he (indirectly) feeds on?

Members who are infectiously excited about their breads, and

Experienced Bakers who are so generous with sharing their know-how.

Thanks, everybody!

Normbake 2006 June 26

Yep I have gained a lot through this forum I would like to contribute more but have to share this computer with 2 teenagers and a broken digital camera that was dropped by a 3 year old...

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