A box of promises !

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Got my first order today from Santos in Byron Bay, NSW, and I'm so excited !  It's got organic spelt (white and wholemeal), kamut flour, persian figs, dates, poppyseeds, quinoa, raw cacao beans, agave syrup and himalayan pink salt.  Haven't tried anything yet, but I can't fault the service of these guys - I ordered Sunday online, and it's here Tuesday morning, all packed in little brown bags.  Happy days !  :D

If you're interested, website is http://www.santostrading.com.au

Absolutely no affiliation on my part, this is my first order !  I'm just impressed with their efficiency.

Cheers, Celia

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celia 2008 April 16

I believe they ship all over Oz, Tony.  Not sure where you are ?

Yes, it looks great, doesn't it ? It was like opening a treasure chest .. :)
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TeckPoh 2008 April 16

Happy playing, Celia! :D

What I can't find here is kamut flour and raw cacao beans. BTW, what do you use the cacao beans in?
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celia 2008 April 16

... I told small boy we could try and make our own chocolate. :)  No idea how, though.  I think we start by roasting them...

Panevino 2008 April 16
Hey Celia, I'm in the great northern land - Canada.  I just loved the way it looked, all ready to turn into something tasty.  Have fun.



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celia 2008 April 16

You hardly need to be ordering, Tony, you're in the land of cranberries, maple syrup and egg bagels ! :)

Jeremy, thank you.  Unfortunately, that was enough to make me realise that it's probably not viable without some pretty heavy duty machinery.

White spelt flour at the ready, feeding up my starter right now...humming...

"Feed me up, before you go go, don't leave me hanging on like a slow dough.."

(Wham!, eat your heart out..)


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Jeremy 2008 April 17
Hi Celia,
I thought as much, a friend of mine is a chocolatier, 3rd generation. Even he wants to make his own chocolate, it's a bit of work for sure!

Cheers, your breads are lovely, keep it going!

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