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not trying to whing or anything but last changes made it even worst, every post auto topic is not showing as url and is pointing to, it looks ugly and makes no sense.

posts frames are gone missing and everything is hurting my head from just looking at it.

i been around here from very early days so i'm not going anywhere and will post no matter how ugly this forum gets but new visitors would run away as fast as they come, which is really big shame if you ask me because we need more people posting here.


just my 2c


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Maedi 2008 March 4
What was the last changes exactly? I'll remove the 'post auto topic' link. What are post frames. Anything specific about the forum look that's bad? We're going to fix it.
Croc 2008 March 4

i didn't pay much attention to it so can't point out more then i already said

as for post frames, well some days ago posts were formated different way.


each post had it own box/frame

now profile of posting person got moved to left and it just looks extremly messy while avatar picture is still on right

those are some specifics

also main forum index looks very messy and there are still some spacing issues there


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Maedi 2008 March 4
Yes, the forum index looks very messy, I've been meaning to tidy it up and will this coming weekend. I'm not sure how posts looked a couple of days ago, I'll look in internet explorer and make sure that every thing's right. There's a whole lot of things Graham and I desperately need to do to the site, videos, shop, IE bugs. Unfortunately for me at the moment, time does not permit. I have a site to do list here, see if I've missed anything.
Croc 2008 March 4

as i said i'm not trying to whing just making sure you know what visitors see on their end.


i have no screenshots of open threads from before so can't demonstrate those missing frames.


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JohnD 2008 March 4
I agree,i cant make any sense of that first page (which comes up if you click on "Forum"),ive stared at it trying to understand! whats the point of it?
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Maedi 2008 March 4
Bare with me people. John, that first page is meant to be a 'gateway' into the forum but at the moment it is a bit unfriendly. I'll fix it on the weekend.
Croc 2008 March 4

Maedi non of us is trying to put any pressure on you, just checking with you how things going.

i'm sure nobody will disagree with me saying that we all appricieate your hard work



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TeckPoh 2008 March 5

I use firefox. Aesthetics-wise, everything is A-OK for me, at least, on the main Forum page and the Recent Posts page as well as the individual threads.
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Maedi 2008 March 5
btw: How can I jump to the last post of a thread?
[/quote] Click the '1 new', '3 new' links, they will take you to the new posts. As for the image overtaking problem shown in your screenshot. I can't really do much about it. I kind of like it.
doughman 2008 March 5
Let's not rush Maedi here.  Let's pretend he is a starter,  and the smell and taste of a starter will come out over time.  Good things will come to those who wait.
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bianchifan 2008 March 6
I've done so almost in the past, I'd received a picture to click on topic and the profiles of creator and last poster..I miss the last post ,  ;)


Very disappointing is transaction time at the moment - about 1 minute, 40 sec up to 2 min. :((((((

Edit problems:


clicking "preview" and returning to edit mode makes the cursor disappear and never see again

note: all "features" with Jondofox ;)
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Maedi 2008 March 6
edit problems - That's a weird one. What version of Jondo are you on?
What's transaction time?
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bianchifan 2008 March 7
[quote=Maedi] What version of Jondo are you on?
>>> AS shown in hardcopy: JonDoFox

What's transaction time?

>>> answering time after transmitting (pressing enter) in dialog systems

with normal firefox (without JonDo) it's a little bit faster 25 to 35 seconds, even not really good :(
Croc 2008 March 10
someone was bussy i see :) formating is better but posts frames and formating still broken, i wish i had a screenshot of original look. spacing in IE is all good now forums front page is looking a lot better now keep going maedi
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Maedi 2008 March 10
You don't need to worry about a screenshot anymore. 'Post frames and formating' are only missing on IE, you'll see them back soon.
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Graham 2008 March 19
Maedi has recently improved the way posts display in Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer (IE). Post frames and formating are now showing in IE, which improves clarity markedly. Great stuff.
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Graham 2008 March 20
The forum currently notifies subscribed users of a new post, as well as any update to that post. This means that if users make a new post....and then make changes to the post...subscribers will receive multiple notifications of the 'new post'.

Multiple notifications can be useful, but we are investigating ways of turning it off to prevent users from receiving masses of notification emails in their Inbox.

In the meantime, please complete corrections to your post at "Preview" stage, before the post is made, as much as possible. Please continue to update existing posts if required...we do not wish to limit the accuracy and usability of this forum.
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JohnD 2008 March 20
Why have the personal identifying titles been lost on posts? i dont know who is posting? 
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Jeremy 2008 March 20
U guy's I got multi notifications, and it's hard to go straight to the latest response since you always end up at the beginning and have to go all the way to the last page, ugh I am beat, never mind!
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Graham 2008 March 20
That notification first a real drag. I am going to put Maedi to work over the Easter brake. These latest issues are small in comparison to the big ones we have already overcome.
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Jeremy 2008 March 20
[quote=Graham]That notification first a real drag. I am going to put Maedi to work over the Easter brake. These latest issues are small in comparison to the big ones we have already overcome.

Including the state of the salamander balls or lack thereof!
Croc 2008 March 29
new post formating starting to look nice but there are some odd things happening
also post reply button is broken and gives 503 error while post reply link works ok

also text box for typing new post is mega thin :O
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Maedi 2008 March 30
I've fixed the post reply button. I'll have a look a look at the thin text box, I think it's just in IE.
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bianchifan 2008 April 16
I've still problems..I cannot scroll right, I can't type some special characters (Alt Gr keyed), I can't edit in preview.
When entering and clicking on new post I'll get the first post in a thread still.
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Maedi 2008 April 29
I think you're talking about older threads, not new ones? testing span
Edit: Okay I see :) span
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TeckPoh 2008 May 9
The gallery is A-ok. And, I'm delighted to find that when I click on new posts, I get zoomed to the spot. Thanks!
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Maedi 2008 May 9
I did update the sites software but I'm still having issues with the Gallery. Is the "From the Browser" tab working for you? or just "Upload Applet".

Hope all is going well.
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Jeremy 2008 May 9
Gallery is still sort of screwy Maedi, I can't seem to post a picture into a post from the gallery or can't put in Captions in edit?
Maybe I forgot how to post a picture from the gallery?

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Maedi 2008 May 9
Yeh, sorry guys. The Gallery is currently a little disfunctional (you didn't forget Jeremy) but it's temporary. Basically, nothing can be saved or changed at the moment, though using the "Upload Applet" tab when uploading will work (as this application runs seperately to the gallery). I'm hoping soon to move the site to a new server and at the same time fix the gallery. One day all these technical problems will melt away.

See ya
jc 2008 June 23
Hi Maedi,

Just wondering if the gallery is still playing up. I've been trying to upload some photos for the first time. Successfully used the upload applet so the photos are there in my album but it looks like this:

As you can hopefully see, the thumbnails aren't organised neatly (as they are in all the other albums that I look at) but are spread across the menu bar and beyond the edge of the page. I also can't make any changes to the album...can't even delete it!...whenever I do I'm just sent to the gallery front page.

Does each person's album look like this when they view it themselves at the moment or is it just mine? :-(

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Maedi 2008 June 23
Hey Jonathan,

Thanks for uploading some pics. I’m glad you could get them up, yes the Gallery is still not fully functional, but I'm very glad to say that I will soon have some free time to catch up on these issues, so you’ll be able to do things like change titles and descriptions.

The immediate visual chaos in your screenshot is due to long words such as "barm_bread_cassarole_crumb_closeup.jpg" stretching out the page layout. Even though it’s not one word, because of the underscores, the browser treats it as such and therefore each column is stretched over the page. If the Gallery was working well, you would be able to edit the titles and make them shorter. I'm soon going to have some time, so I'll get that Gallery working!

Thanks for the let know, and don't try and delete your album again incase I fix the Gallery :)

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TeckPoh 2008 June 23
[quote=Maedi]...don't try and delete your album again incase I fix the Gallery :)


He won't be free to do that....he'll be too busy having a swell time baking in France. :D

Go ahead and enjoy yourself silly, but don't forget to visit later....

jc 2008 June 24
[quote=Maedi]The immediate visual chaos in your screenshot is due to long words such as "barm_bread_cassarole_crumb_closeup.jpg" stretching out the page layout.[/quote]
Oops :O Hadn't expected that! I'll bear it in mind in future, thanks Maedi, and thanks for all the work you do on the site, it's great :)

Hi TP, it's a shame I won't get to meet you and Jeremy....maybe next time. I'm a bit nervous about being the new kid on the block this weekend but I'm really excited about going! Will try to take lots of photos and maybe some videos for you :)

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Maedi 2008 July 1
Great news! we've fixed that Gallery bug that stopped you from uploading or editing your personal albums. Enjoy!

There's only one small side effect, we had to put back the "?q=" in the address to every page.

Best wishes

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