Baked at 470 degrees


This is todays sourdough bread, baked at higher temperature, 470 degrees I think I am going to like that better. qahtan


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qahtan 2006 April 4

I knew some one would ask me that :-)))))
Co's I forgot to click the timer, I would say about 40 minutes but that is only guess work.


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Bill44 2006 April 4

Do you have an oven thermometer, the reason I ask is that your result is about what I get from 45 minutes at 410F. I'm thinking that maybe the dial on your oven is reading a bit out.
Anyway, the bread looks great. Do you have a pic of the sliced loaf?

qahtan 2006 April 4

No I haven't cut either of them yet,,,,
and maybe it wasn't as long as 40 mins, I am sure the oven is OK as I had it serviced about 3 weeks ago and got them to check the thermostat.
but hey you could be right. :-)))) qahtan

wig53 2006 April 4

Hi Qahtan , is that a convection oven those loaves were done in , I have one where you can use it as an oven ( no Fan ) or as a convection oven ( fan on ) just curious .

cheers wig53

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northwestsourdough 2006 April 4

Looks like you are on your way to being a sourdough veteran! I am so glad you kept trying, it shows everyone out there lurking, afraid to try, that they should give it a go! Good for you qahtan!

qahtan 2006 April 4

Thanks Teresa,, I want to try rye next.......:-))))

Thanks for the encouragement... qahtan

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