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Teresa from Northwest Sourdough sent me some of her starter. The following loaves are a simple white loaf with a bit of wholemeal. Very tasty and a different taste and different sour flavour to my starter.


Highly recommend this starter.

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SourDom 2006 March 26


it will be interesting to see what happens as you refresh the starter with your usual flour. My guess is that fairly quickly the starter will become indistinguishable from your regular one, but keep us posted.


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northwestsourdough 2006 March 27

You are doing some great baking with the starter, Bill!
Those are some beautiful loaves! Great looking rise too!

Sour Doms question about reverting sourdough starter is interesting and I would like to know the answer too. So far, I haven't had anyone say that they had one of my starters revert
(and some customers have a collection of starters). Also the flavor seems to be different enough for them to tell, as the starter's flavor has been commented on the most. Also, Ed Woods still sells his starters from all over the world and has stated that with a healthy, stable starter, this reverting doesn't happen. He is a microbiologist, so he should know if anyone would.
Still, if a starter reverts even with care against cross contamination, I would like to know about it. Does anyone out there have any experience with different starters from different areas reverting? SourDom, do even the different starters you have come up with in your own home become the same starter? Interesting!

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Bill44 2006 March 27

Dom, you have raised an interesting point. There seems to be two conflicting opinions going around on this subject.
The first one is that given time all starters will revert to the local strain due to the yeast in the flour being used.
The second one is that starters will not revert if you use methods that avoid direct contamination. The reason for this is that apparently the antibiotics that are produced by the Lactobaccilus in a starter will protect it from contamination.
Only time will tell.

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