Restarting Starter?

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Hi all, my sourdough is going really well, the starter bubbles away and the loaves rise really well...but... my starter wont restart so I need to make a new one every time i make a loaf. The starter I use is just 2 cups h2o to 2 cups flour and, as I said, makes a great loaf but then... nada. What can I do????? HELP!

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TeckPoh 2008 January 15

Slow down....First of all, do you swipe some starter to keep (in the fridge)? This is 'Your Precious', and you have to refresh him with his fav food (flour and water) and see that he's bubbliliciously happy before you can use it for baking again. 'Nada' means he's starving. CheersTP

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surfingyogini 2008 January 31

The last two loaves worked a treat, but now poor little starter seems to have gone back to sleep...  Its been really hot and humid here, would that affect it?

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Danubian 2008 February 1

Hi Yogini,
See my reply to Barry's question on starter 'smell'
You should be able to find it [url=][b]here[/b][/url]
TP is correct, a sourdough is more robust than most believe. Even if it appears to be 'quiet or flat' relatively soonish - a day or two even a week if it's been refridgerated - after a period of vigorous activity does not mean the desirable microflora have lost their viability. They are still there, and all things being equal, in reasonably good condition ready to acidify a new batch of flour in your bread dough.
Good luck 

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