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I have been making sour dough bread for a few months. Went on holiday for 3 weeks & starter in the fridge was dead. I had dried some by spreading 30 grams or so on baking paper on a tray & leaving to dry on top of the stove. Stored it in a rubber sealed snap lock glass jar. I am agin making great loaves by reconstituting the dry starter

I recommend all bakers to use some active starter & dry some "just in case your starter dies" 

I did several 4 to 6 hour refreshing of starter until I had a lovely bubbly, active starter. Equal wieht stater/ unbleached flour/ boiled cool water.

Happy baking

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CHRISGREEN1066 2013 April 20

That is really interesting. I have never heard of anyone doing that. My wife and I occasionally go away for several weeks at a time and I had decided that I would just have to let my starter die and start a new one when I got home. However, I will definately try your suggestion ... nothing to lose !!


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