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I've been baking a roll for myself daily using my starter for a while now and I'd like to try a larger variety of flours rather than the plain and wholemeal ones I can find.  Does anyone know of anywhere in the central coast/northern Sydney region that does things like rye flour as I'm stumped.  I can't find any anywhere.  :-( 

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farinam 2014 August 20

Hello Glittercaz,

I don't use much rye but I get it from my local health food shop in 1kg lots but I think they also carry it in 5kg.  The brand is Four Leaf.

You could also consult your friend Mr Google to search for local bread making supplies.

Good luck with your projects,


Electricboots 2014 August 21

Hi Glittercaz,

I have been having the same problem in Sydney but I found some last weekend at Harris Farm greengrocer chain. I have previously found it at health food stores in Newtown an Leichhardt but call beforehand as they don't aways have it. Honest to Goodness warehouse (Alexandria but they supply to a lot of other stores) has a wide range of specialty flours.



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