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I would like to buy hard organic bread-making flour in Brisbane.  I've only found general purpose flour which often seems to make too 'cakey' a bread.  I'd like organic wholemeal and white flour to make breads, sourdoughs etc.  Any idea where I can buy this.

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Merrid 2013 February 13

I usually order online from Basic Ingredients - they're based in Redcliffe and have a good range of bread flours. They don't have a retail shop front but they say that Kumari Spices stocks some of their more popular lines, or can order in for you if you want to pick up - but you should probably phone them first to see what they stock. There are many other online shops that sell organic flours but I'm not sure how many of them are based in Brisbane or have a pick up service.

Otherwise, the big supermarkets do stock high protein bread making flours although they may not necessarily be organic - they will still be better than regular plain flour. Anchor's Lighthouse brand does a bread flour, and Laucke sell Wallaby flour in Coles which is quite good. Just make sure you're buying a bread FLOUR, not a bread MIX.

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