Loss of flavour in the transition from stiff to liquid sourdough

Hi, I convinced a lot of my friends to convert their stiff sourdoughs from solid to semi-liquid form because of the ease of use, but now many of them are complaining of the loss of flavour of the bread produced with it. They generally do a poolish with 100 gr of water, 100 of whuie flour and 10 of sourdough, then they prepare the final dough with the rest of the water, salt and flour and various phases of proofing. The benefits they see are a much softer consistency and a longer lasting, but the taste is very decreased. What can be the cause of the loss of flavour? Is there a way to restore it while still keeping the liquid form of the sourdough? Thanks.
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Millciti 2009 July 15

Were these white starters to begin with?  How long are they refreshing their starters and at what temp before baking.  There are actually a lot of different factors involved.  You may want to look for the posts on liquid verses firm starters for more info.



nicodvb 2009 July 15
Hi, yes, they were white starters. They have been refreshing them for at least once a week for at least 2 months at around 27-28 C degrees. Thanks for your advice, I'll look at that thread

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