Hybrid Bag(yeah a bit of yeast!)

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Here is a bag I did from the Pain Quotidien cook book, very nice recipe as is there miche, sort of a whole wheat desem without all the process! We made a  nice sandwich with smoked ham, tomatoes, cheese from Ecuador and Swiss mustard! I bartered some bread with my butcher and I got some Vension sausage too! Check out the post on his shop in Sunnyside on my site www.stirthepots.com

Ok no more bags for a while!


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TeckPoh 2006 November 12

The Bread 'P' King strikes again!

I visited your site and nearly died looking at all those sausages at the meat market. They look soooooooo good. If I have such a shop in my neighbourhood, ai yai yai!!!!

p/s. This thread should be under Home Sourdough unless you wish to post the recipe?

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Jeremy 2006 November 12

65 g water
100g flour
2 grams yeast or starter(I used starter!)

1kilo Flour
650 water
10g yeast
18g salt

voila, memory isn't so bad!


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