hello everyone :)


I though I stop by and drop quick "hello"

Hope everyone that knows me around here is well and enjoying life

Myself I been bussy with work and building new house so sadly very little time for baking but hope this change soon.

I killed my last oven while ago but just installed new one last week so will have some fun with that and going to put in something more serious in the new house plus getting to build wood oven.

There is so little time in a day and so much to do, wish i had more time to visit forums, worst part is that last year i went to TAS for few days but it didn't click in that Graham got Companion Bakery going down there, would love to stop by and say hi :(


Bake Me !!!


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TeckPoh 2011 March 8

for missing Graham's bakery, then, a pat on the back for saying 'hi' to folks here. Hope to see breads from your woodfired oven... We've been very busy too, so, my poor poor WFO has been feeling terrribly neglected.

'Hi' from me to my old pals here...



who spells better than croc

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Millciti 2011 March 24

Good to see ya lurking around again!  No excuses - you need to get baking!  I wouldn't have missed visiting the companion, but then Tas is way out of my way.  Funny how life keeps us so busy.  I haven't stopped baking, but writing is harder now that my job requires so much of it.




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