Has Anyone Used Oatmeal Flour as Base for Starter

Hi ,
 This is a wonderful site and really appreciate all the photos and explanations.So to my questions.

I have just come to the end of my 3rd week with a starter using organic oatmeal flour and only oatmeal flour- refreshing every 24hrs, 100g equal grams of  purified water and oatmealflour with a tablespoon of the left over starter added- sitting on the kitchen bench temps around 15-21 c

I have had after 2weeks a yoghurty smell, and some occassional fruity smells with small bubbles sometimes all the way through, then back to the yoghurty smell  and not very many bubbles and now (beginning 4th week)more bubbles and fruity smells.

However it has never ever doubled in size.

Am I heading the right way? Can it take longer than 3 weeks or so?This is my second try at a starter- last year I used rye and oatmeal (in seperate containers trying to get a starter going)
The rye took off  after a week and I made pancakes ( came out OK) but it died after I forgot it on the bench as other things came up (renovating-  plus visitors) the oatmeal also went the way of the dodo after long neglect.I did not really recognize how it all worked until now!
I am eager to get this to work as I have severe dietry allergies that prevent me from buying pre made food (nuts seeds and others ect) and its been 2yrs since I had any bread at all.

I have purchased Oatmeal Sourdough Bread from a company in Vic wonderful stuff light airy  however  it contains milk products (yoghurt)so I am attempting to make my own  So I know it can be done.
Hoping someone can help

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Abe 2015 December 19

I'm just starting one. I know your question is old and I'm sure you've come up with an answer by now however a non gluten starter won't rise like a normal starter because there's no gluten. It'll bubble! 

How has your non gluten sourdough ventures gone? 

CindyClarkk 2021 October 4

I could be wrong but I think Welsh sourdough was originally oat-based. And I'm talking about ancient sourdough starter. I suspect the thousand year-old Welsh starter you can buy today originated with oat flour. Of course, it's all wheat or spelt at this point but, originally, I suspect it was oat. It would be interesting to know if it "recognized" oat flour, today...I bet it would.

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