Guinness, Walnut and Raisin Loaf


I love Guiness, nuts and also sourdough bread (though not necessarily in that order). So it is inevitable that one day, all these should come together into a loaf.

I did just that a couple of days ago. Here is the result.


I made two loaves. They were slightly under-proofed. Both of them had tears along the sides when baked. I sliced one loaf today afternoon.


The crust was thin and dark. The crumb was soft and the taste, tart. Which was to be expected, since the only liquid use was Guinness. It combined well with a thin layer of strawberry jam.



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Karniecoops 2010 April 10

They look great Occa!  By the look of it there are some raisins (or similar) in it as well?  So no water just beer?!  The smell of it cooking must have been outstanding.  Sounds like it would be nice with cheese and relish/pickle as well... a kind of poughman's lunch with the added bonus of having a bit of beer in the bread :o)

Occabeka 2010 April 10

Thanks, karniecoops.


I used only beer, except for the little bit of water that was in the starter used in the preferment. Yes, those are raisins. I used Sunmaid - it was what was available then. The smell of the dough fermenting and cooking was "intoxicating". I don't think there is any alcohol left in the finished bread. It would have evaporated buring the bake.


Pity my wife isn't too keen on Guinness.



CayoKath 2010 April 30

Except for the raisins my husband would love that (and I would too with or without raisins).  THAT definitely goes on the lengthening list of "tries."

Occabeka 2010 May 5

Hi CayoKath,

I am sure you can do without the raisins if your husband is worried about the sweetness. Pieces of chopped apricots will do nicely too. They will provide a nice texture to the bread.

Here is what I did:-


- 60 gm rye flour

- 60 gm bread flour

- 120 gm Guinness (heated to 80 C to boil off the alcohol)

It was left to ferment for till ripe.

Final dough:

- 120 gm whole wheat flour

- 360 gm bread flour

- 300 gm Guinness

- 12 gm salt

- all the pre-ferment

- handful of walnuts, lightly toasted and broken into small chunks

- small handful of raisins.

- 30 gm runny honey

I hand kneaded the dough for 15 minutes using the slap and fold method and then placed it in an oiled container. Then there were 3 sets of stretch and fold over the next 1 hour. After the last S&F, the dough was spread out on the counter and the walnuts and raisins folded into it. It was then placed in the fridge for 24 hours.

They were pre-shaped right out of the fridge, rested for 30 minutes before being shaped onto 2 batards.

Baking was at 220 C with steam for 15 minutes and 20 minutes without. The loaves may require tenting (and an eagle eye) as they brown rather quickly.

Good luck.



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