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After baking sourdough whole grain wheat for about a year with a relatively high hydration, 79%, I was surprised when whle grain einkorn seemed to loose with the same hydration.  I reduced the hydration to 71% in my first loaf and it still seemed too wet.  I dropped it all the way to 60% today, and it seems stiffer than I am used to.  Does anyone else have experience with this flour and what hydration to use.  I have been using sourdom's Pan Francese recipe.

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farinam 2013 July 29

Hello DVTO2,

I think the way you are going is just fine.  Adjust the hydration until you find something that you are comfortable with.  There are no really correct answers - just what works for you.

Keep on bakin'


GeoffreyLevens 2016 November 20

I know this is an old query but I just got some einkorn berries 1st time. Grind my own so 100% whole grain including all the "rough stuff". I started with a recipe I found online that was only 43% hydration. Obviously wrong since that was enough water to even get all the flour damp! Kept adding small amounts of water and indeed stiff but doable at 60%,  65% was better but/and very sticky, incredibly so really. Stopped at 70% which was noticeably less sticky and a much more workable stickiness but incredibly slack and extensible with almost zero elasticity, almost like pizza dough. The final dough while "solid" was almost pourable so I proofed and baked it in a loaf pan.  It did not seem to rise much in the proofing so after 6 or 6 hours I baked it at 450F X 45 minutes (1st 15 minutes w/ tight cover after very heavily spraying surface of he dough with water.  Attached photos of final product. I would guesstimate 30% or so oven springt; I was actually shocked when I took lid off and saw what was happening!

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