Alan Scott 6'x8' oven building start

fresh foundation
Dry foundation
side walls
Filling the base
Glass insulation layer in progress
Heart Slab first step

 Hello everyone,

last week we start a huge project in our cafe/bakery, we start to build an Alan Scott 6'x8' based design oven, hear we gonna a post step by step how is the construction, I hope useful for all.



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Maedi 2012 July 22

This sounds great franc! If you'd like, keep editing your first post and uploading photos there. And I will work on formatting your images so that they display in a 'step by step' format.


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Graham 2012 July 26

Looks good franc. What made you decide to fill the base with dirt, rather than leaving it as a hollow chamber?

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Graham 2012 July 27

actually it just occured to me that you have the option of removing the dirt once the hearth slab has set. In that case the dirt would be there just as formwork for the concrete. We didn't have this option with our oven as it is suspended above a celler; timber forms were used.

franc.castella.romeu 2012 July 27

 I just combine the traditional arabian ovens with a round dome construction than full fill the base, in this ovens the vermiculite and cement layer is exchange with a brown sugar layer, glass layer, salt layer and clay layer just before the bricks of the heart.

We fill full for make more easy the construction, and we have a sand for free, I have a lot of space and do not need the down oven chamber, only make a good insulation for the sand don`t take de heat of the oven.

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Graham 2012 July 28

Almost like making a cake? What an amazing video and oven building technique.

Franc when were these techniques first adapted for use with Alan Scott style ovens?

Was there a traditional oven that resembled the Alan Scott shape or design?

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