Sourdough Cookies

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Somewhere along the way I got the idea that I should be able to make sourdough cookies.  I thought about it for a week or two and decided to look for a recipe and found this one.  I didn't need to make a starter as I already had one so I just followed the reciepe like it is written for making the dough.  I let the dough sit for a few hours after I had it mixed up to let the yeast and bacteria get active then I put it in the fridge over night.  They were cooked for 15 minutes at 350°F.  The critics here gave the results an A+.  I'm thinking the above recipe is a good starting point for all kinds of different cookies.


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farinam 2012 May 20

Hi LD,

What was the texture like - crunchie, chewie or breadie?

I guess, pinch comes to shove, you could use sourdough to make anything that needs rising - just need some more time and maybe softer flour..


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LeadDog 2012 May 20

 Chewy but I followed the recipe.  Next time I'm going to be exploring other options like baking it longer.

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