My new banneton


I baked a loaf this afternoon, I noticed it had doubled, where it nearly bulged over the edge of my banneton which I have only used once since purchasing.  I mixed it, then let it rest for 10 minutes, then kneeded it, then forgot about it, and came back half an hour later, kneeded some 12 times, then left it for an hour, then more kneeding, then as I was rushing out the door, I folded and shaped it, put it in my new banneton, and put on top of our gas fridge- the warmest place in the house.

I came home two hours later, and it was partially risen.  I left it for another 1-2 hours, then I gently turned it upside down, then onto an oven tray and baked it in a pre-heated oven for about twenty five minutes. It was dark brown and when it had cooled I was amazed how soft it was inside.

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