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This little sourdough was a starter sitting on the counter.  It looked so bubblicious that I just had to use it although I had plenty of sourdough bread (but none I would write home about).  A bit shy from recent experiences, I gingerly added my ingredients, which I first warmed in my hands because I'd kept them in the freezer.  A brisk four-minute kneading to warm up the dough even better, then into a floured cloth in a basket I had in the closet it went.  I turned the oven to the low warm setting just until it signaled the preheat was done, then I put a pan of very hot water under the rack and the basket on top of the rack.  After a five-or-so-hours first rise, it looked and acted like it was ready for shaping, so I kneaded it gently another minute, then made a nice oval loaf and placed it on a lightly greased cookie sheet.  It rose overnight another 6 and a half hours, then hubby the early riser baked it.  When I woke up, I had a delicious breakfast of warm, nutty-sweet wheat and sesame bread spiked with a quarter cup malted barley flour.  Heaven!  If you wish to try it, here's the ingredient list:

1 cup ready starter

1 T olive oil

1/2 T sea salt

2 T sugar

2 T untoasted sesame seeds

2T gluten

1/4 c malted barley flour

1 c whole wheat flour

enough white flour to get the right feel...adding most as you knead it

You know the procedure!  Hope you like it. 


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