Two-Fifths Sourdough Rye

This week, winter has finally and properly come to Stockholm. We have -15C in daytime, sparkling white snow everywhere – it only really...Read more

Beetroot sourdough

Re-visiting bread making

Hello all, I'm moving to Australia in the New Year to live with my wife, and have been lurking on the Sourdough Companion site...


Light sourdough rye bread with caraway seeds

Delicious taste by combining the depth of the rye with the caraway seeds. And my crumb is improving! Formula Bread flour 450 gr. Rye flour...Read more

First loaves and some proof confusion

Well, after some amount of misadventures I am happy to present my first sourdoughs! I made a semolina loaf using my plain sourdough starter...Read more

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Doubting a starter

Hi to everybody i just found this community and i think it's amazing. I'm just growing my live starter since around 15 -20 days...

first success

Beginner's Sourdough

My 3rd baking and I have made an acceptable sourdough loaf - thanks to the help and advice on this site. My boules were spreading...


Photos of bread I baked

Hiya Friends of Ferment! I wanted to post some pics of bread I baked along with the healthy starter. I don't follow recipes and I...

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white bloom on rye bread

Hi, I am a newbie here. I have been making my rye sourdough loaf with sunseed and pumpkin seed for a couple of years. My starter...


John Downes & Daniel Chirico

John Downes, founder of the modern Sourdough bread movement in Australia compliments Daniel Chirico, owner of Baker D. Chirico in...

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