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I am so thrilled with my adventure in Sourdough making and my first outcome. I had low expectations knowing how hard it can be to have success on first attempt. I developed my starter 2 weeks ago for fun with just all purpose flour, mixed with spelt flour and have been nurturing it ever since. Her name is Catherine. She is so healthy and active. Today I took a leap and decided to put her to work and she performed beautifully!! I did a lot of research on technique but questioned myself the whole time. I am amazed by the results, both presentation and flavour.    She is at 75% hydration and I did use a stand mixer with dough hook to start it off. I used the Dutch oven method and was amazed at how delicious the results were. I am so exited to see how "Catherine" develops with age like a fine wine! Happy creating everyone. In these uncertain times I take comfort in seeing life in its simplicity. Sourdough on!! 

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