Sourdough doesn’t hold it’s shape


Hi All. I recently started baking sourdough bread. I tried couple of times, different methods and recipes. everytime during the process everything looks as it should be - gluten net is visible, bubbles are visible, dough rises perfectly. However after the final shaping and resting, just before the baking, when I take it out of the banneton ot spreads, does not hold it’s shape and when  I score it, it looks like in the picture. The picture is from today bake - 375 g water, 100 g wholemeal, 400g strong bread flour, 10g salt, 125g levain. Ambient method, 3 hours bulk fermentation, 3 stretch and folds. Can anyone tell me from this what I am missing, what step that my dough is mot firm and becomes instant blob when I take it out of the proofing basket? I also added a picture of a baked loaf (from the same blob)


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