Sourdough bread in places of high temperature


Hi All!

I have attempted baking sourdough bread 4 times and i kinda succeeded once which it was airy but had a thick crust which i reckon i baked it for too long.


The issue that im facing i guess is the temperature. I am based in Singapore where the temperature is generally between 26-33 Celcius (78-91F) which i heard is a major issue as sourdough would be ideal in around 21C.

The once which i kinda succeeded was when i placed the dough bowl in another bowl filled with cold water which i guess it better maintained the temperature. Ive also realised that during the fermentation, it has never risen. Not sure if im doing something wrongly. 

I was wondering if is there any easier method. In one of the attempts i tried to perform the stretch and fold in quicker intervals but it resulted in a runny mess.

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