Problem during gluten development in the dough


Hello!!! NEw here

Im going to keep try to short to prevent myself from writing a book. So this is my 4th  sourdough which the last 3 were successful. My usual flour is all purpose flour but this time around i decided to use bread flour whihc came with seeds already added to it

My problem ii decided to use bread flour due to it having more gluten  for the increase strength and elasticity of the dough

I use the autolyse technique for 2hrs which normaly i would have seen some good gluten development when strech...... it wasnt the case this time around. the recipe that i followed suggested that i used milk, water, and sugar to the autolyse.

After I added the starter along with a very very little bit more water and did a 5-8 mins slap and fold kneading then rest for 30 mins before adding salt with a little bit more  water i kept from the recipe, butter and a last slap and fold . After did 4 stretch and fold every 30 min. Normally by the 2nd the dough would usually look realy well develope and  stretchy, but this time aroud it would break.

What did i do wrong? could it be the seeds? or bread flour require more water? or not enough flower? maybe maybe much  long autolyse.

At this point after trying to make it rise for another 4 hrs it bearly had a rise. i decided to put it in the fridge for a slow fermentation and maybe incorparate it into another dough to see if its possible to save it it. if not just bake it and see what come out

If someone understands what  i did wrong, I would really appreciate the help.



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