Is my starter bad??


I am brand new to baking sourdough and I am making my starter. I have been feeding it daily and keeping it loosely covered on my counter. I am on day 7. I started with all purpose flour and water. I have had lots of bubbling and hooch. I am feeding it regularly and everything seems to be correct as far as what it looks like but the smell is sort of icky. It definitely doesn't smell good. I would describe it as a sour milk or dirty sock smell. It has had this smell since day 2 or 3. I thought maybe it would gradually get better but its not getting better or worse just sort of staying the same.

I am reading that it should smell vinegary or yeasty but I wouldnt describe the smell that way. Maybe slightly vinegary but more towards the sour milk and dirty sock smell. I am tempted to throw it out and start over but I have convinced myself to keep feeding it and let it go and start a new one just in case. 

Is this normal? Please help this complete begginer. Thanks!

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