Inconsistent Oven Spring

Sherri K

Hi.  I am not a new baker. I have been baking sourdough for sometime now. I have a Fisherman's Wharf Sourdough recipe (tangy) that I love and that is generally consistent.  My question is, I struggle with inconsistent oven spring.  I never change my process or ingredients and yet my oven spring results can differ significantly.  My loaf is never completely flat, but sometimes it can be higher or lower by 50%. 

I use a low hydration recipe (60%) with a long room temperature bulk ferment, then shaped, followed by 24 hours in the refrigerator.  I also use a 60% stiff mother dough, which is mature and vigorous.

I bake in a 500 degree oven (Forneau) covered with steam. 

I use a good bread flour with a high protein level (13-14%) it’s an organic unbleached white flour,  (as I don’t care for rye or WW).  My mother dough is fed with a medium protein white flour (11-12.5%) and spring water. 

Any suggestions on how to gain consistency in my oven spring.  I am wracking my brain and can’t figure it out. 

Much appreciated. 


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