help! starter smelles bad and dosn't rise much


hi i could really use some help! i am on day 7 of making a starter from scratch and i have fed it religiously with a mix of rye and breadflour but allthogh it raises about a centimetre each time, i dont see much activity! Also it smells bad, a bit like nail polish or oil that has gone bad.

I have fed it (1:1:1) flour(mix), starter and water by weight every 24h. also im sure i did not just miss the point when it rises because I look at it (dissaponted at the lack in growth) several times a day. I live in argentina so it isnt particularily cold (right now about 25 degrees celcius) and i keep it just on top of a shelf. At this point i dont know what to do because all the reseach i have done said that when it smells like that, it is hungry but mine dosnt really rise and it never went more than 25 hours without feeding

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