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Hi Guys!

I have not posted for ages as all has been going well with my bread, but I had a problem last weekend and would be very appreciative of some advice. It has been hotter than the hobs of hell here over the last few weeks so have been mostly rising bread in the fridge. The first loaf was perfectly fine, but the second loaf developed a very peculiar flaky crust that has made a terrible mess during slicing. There was also a bit of a gap under the crust in one area. Both loaves were mainly Wallaby flour with some wholemeal, although not exactly the same amounts as I was finishing up a bag. Both cooked in a covered cast-iron casserole with water sprayed in before placing lid. 30 minutes at 225 deg C then uncover for final 20 minutes for both. It was the second loaf that had the crust problem. I noticed that it did not crackle when taken from oven although this usually happens. I don't have a photo as it was all eaten before I thought to send this post.


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